You Are Beyond Worthy - Mobile Fragrance


"You are beyond worthy of this life, Your life is so important". These are the words of author Jacqueline Whitney. 

This collaboration between Thompson Ferrier and Jacqueline Whitney was meant to inspire and motivate you. It's easy to forget that we're an integral part of every single one of our relationships, and it's also easy to let that negative little voice in your head take over, so we wanted to create something that would help show and remind you of how loved and important you are. 

Place this had written mobile fragrance (air freshener) in your car, in your closet and in your friends cars because everyone is worthy of the life they were given. 

This project with Jacqeuline Whitney was created to remind you of just how important you really are.

Side A: You are beyond worthy of this life
Side B: Your life is so important

Fragrance Notes: Ivory Musk: Coriander, Ylang Muguet, Rose, Moss, Lichen, Patchouli