Reed Diffuser Gardenia


Reed Diffuser- Gardenia

This Reed Diffuser is made with all natural essential oils. Each bottle has 177ML of pure fragrance and is individually hand poured into a tall vessel with a cap that you can store your fragrance in when it's not being put on display.

This reed diffuser comes with a set of 14 rattan reeds that are 14 inches long. You can cut them to fit your liking. 

Each reed diffuser comes with a set of tall reeds and Thompson Ferrier a glass goblet that you can put on display in your living room or entryway to fragrance your home. 

Fill your home with the soothing aromatherapy of our signature Gardenia fragrance and indulge your senses.

This reed diffuser should last 6 months.

Use instructions: 

  • Pour the desired amount of Gardenia scented essential oils into the glass goblet and place the reeds inside.
  • Flip the reeds daily to ensure the fragrance potently fills the room.
  • Do not place this on anything but glass- use a coaster.
  • Do not let any oil drip on any wood as it will stain.