Don't Be Who They Need You To Be - Mobile Fragrance


"Don't be who they need you to be, be you who you need you to be"

Why is it so hard to just be yourself? How much do we judge ourselves or worry about what people may think of us? It's funny because we all know that if you love someone, you wouldn't judge them for being themselves, but you've for some reason convinced yourself that they would judge you that way.

This mobile fragrance (air freshener) is meant to be hung in your car, closet or given to that special friend as a reminder that we all need to be our own heroes.

This collaboration with Jacqueline Whitney was made to remind us that we have to live life on our own terms, for ourselves!

So go ahead, and BE WHO YOU NEED YOU TO BE!

Side A: don't be who they need you to be
Side B: be who you need you to be

Fragrance Notes: Orange BlossomFloral, Petit Grain, Jasmine, Neroli