All Will Be Well - Mobile Fragrance


"All will be well, it's all gonna be okay". We all need to hear this now more than ever. Thompson Ferrier has collaborated with author Jacqueline Whitney to create this collection of mobile fragrances (air fresheners) that each have a hand written inspirational quote on them.

Mental health dictates the way we live our lives, and it's sometimes easy to get lost in our imagination or ruminate on the negative things that could happen, so we wanted to create hanging air fresheners that you can place in your car, closet and bedroom that would nourish the soul with optimism.

These mobile fragrances serve as a little reminder to inspire you to be better. We want that self talk to nourish you, and this is our way of reminding you to do that.

We promise, everything's gonna be okay.

Side A: all will be well
Side B: it's all gonna be okay

Fragrance Notes: Orange Blossom: Floral, Petit Grain, Jasmine, Neroli